The main objective of this series of conferences is to assist the global minerals industries in their transition to sustainable development.


The first conference, SDIMI 2003, was very successfully held in the island of Milos, Greece and attracted 200 international attendees. On that occasion, the "Milos Declaration" was adopted, a statement of contribution to a sustainable future through the use of scientific, technical, educational, and research skills and knowledge in minerals extraction and utilization that was endorsed by the leading global professional and scientific organizations and institutes representing the minerals professional.


The second conference in this series, SDIMI 2005, was held in Aachen, Germany, and was again a successful forum in convening the minerals community engaged in sustainable development, with particular emphasis on sustainability indicators, data evaluation and reporting and life-cycle assessment and product stewardship.


SDIMI 2007 returned to Milos, Greece. The focus of the meeting was on issues of benchmarking, SD value creation, operationalization of SD, creation of knowledge hubs, modeling and fiscal issues and best practices and tools. The meeting provided opportunities for presentations and panel discussions. The Conference was organized in three tracks representing a variety of stakeholders, which can provide guidance and direction to the minerals community on the path to sustainable development.


SDIMI 2009 was held in Brisbane, Australia, 6-8 July. Themes included: Frameworks and tools for integrating sustainable development considerations into mine and plant design, Innovative methodologies for measuring sustainable development performance at the operational, corporate and industry level, Mining and minerals processing in a carbon-constrained world: reducing the GHG footprint, Sustainable development challenges in emerging mining countries, Community impacts and benefits of mineral resource developments, Stewardship and the management of products and wastes, Cumulative impacts of intensive resource development, Advances in life cycle and sustainability assessment, Industrial and regional synergies, Overcoming the barriers to the uptake of sustainability innovations, Integration of sustainability thinking into professional education.


SDIMI 2011 was held again in Aachen, Germany in the framework of the AIMS conference. Organization was very successful and delegates from many countries attended the event. A young professionals event attracted a lot of attention.


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