The WFEO Committee on Engineering and the Environment's Task Force on Mining and Sustainable Development is taking an active role in SDIMI 2013.


This group was formed at the request of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations' (WFEO's) Committee on Engineering and the Environment. The mission of this task group is to increase global understanding of the engineering advancements in the mining and minerals industries and how their adoption can strengthen the economic, social and environmental well-being globally (more information at


It is well understood, that at present, the focus of public perception is placed on environmental and social consequences of mining. Growing environmental and social concerns, supply chain procurement standards, as well as public pressure and regulatory measures, will profoundly shape the global mineral business in the near future. In order to cope with these challenges, the minerals community must integrate sustainable development concepts, best-practices and stakeholders participation into the technical considerations, business strategies and performance goals that are associated with all facets of mineral exploitation, from exploration to mine closure.


During SDIMI, WFEO Task Group committee members will hold two thematic panel discussions addressing different issues such as (a) Environmentally sound engineering practices and technologies, (b) Best practices in social sustainability and responsibility, (c) Best practices in eco-efficient use of resources, (d) Engineering solutions to reuse, repurposing, and recycling minerals, and (e) Risk analysis, mitigation and management techniques.

Special Panel Discussion Hosted by the WFEO Task Force on Mining and Sustainability

Panelists: Darrel J. Danyluk, Jessica Kogel, John Hayden

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